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Chios Cooking Lessons

A Culinary Journey in Greece...

...is a great way to unveil secrets well hidden inside kitchens and handwritten books passing from mother to daughter and grandmother to granddaughter.

Greece is listed among the top 10 destinations with the world’s best food. For some, holidays offer the perfect opportunity to get out of the kitchen and let someone else prepare your meals.

But for the foodies and apprentice chefs among us, a few days away provides a prime opportunity to pick up a few cooking skills and shake the feeling that you’re an amateur in your own kitchen. After all, learning how to prepare delicious fried zucchini balls outlasts any souvenir in your scrapbook, not to mention it’s a great way to experience a new culture.

With that in mind, RealChios has rounded up a series of Cooking Lessons to spice up your Chios Experience.

A breathtaking scenery at Amani area of Northern Chios, the Ariousios Winery at the outskirts of Egrigoros village will host our willigness to take a slice of Chios back home. This epicurean hotspot features all the key ingredients necessary to appease your taste buds, with a cooking lesson and memorable handcrafted meal. One whiff of these dishes and you’re sure to feel inspired to book your next culinary escape.

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