Chios Cooking Lessons 2018

Chios Cooking Lessons are about to start for 2018.

At the breathtaking scenery of Ariousios Winery at Egrigoros Village in Amani of Chios, we are wearing our cook’s apron and getting ready to take a slice of Chios back home.

This epicurean hotspot features all the key ingredients necessary to appease your taste buds, with a cooking lesson and memorable handcrafted meal.

Use local ingredients, follow traditional methods and prepare step by step local recipes, update your cooking skills and taste all dishes you are going to prepare yourself!

After all, learning how to prepare delicious stuffed wine leave (are called yiaprakia among Chians) outlasts any souvenir in your scrapbook, not to mention it’s a great way to experience a new culture.

Enjoy a short video

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