Prepare and Taste.

So, wear our cook’s apron and be part of our cooking lessons. Use local ingredients, follow traditional methods and prepare step by step local recipies, update your cooking skills and taste all dishes you are going to prepare yourself! To extend the good times, bring a lunch pack back to your ship or your hotel and your cooking secrets back home!


If you are ever wanting to hear local stories and eat like a local, definitely consider taking a cooking class on your next trip. You will not regret it.

At one of the top locations in Chios, amidst the vineyards of the famous from antiquity Ariousia Land, at Egrigoros village in Amani, we are putting together what best Chios Gastronomy has to offer. Local recipies and cooking secrets, fresh ingredients, fun and some of the best local drinks will make our gatherings a splash!

Keeping in mind that events are taking place with prior reservation only, book your cooking lesson in advance and enjoy. Book directly foolowing the link below, drop us an email at or give us a ring +30 6947 315 709 for information and arrangements.